Costello, Elvis: Get Happy

Costello, Elvis: Get Happy


Original Label. LP Columbia JC 36347 1980 *****

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Get Happy!!  is the fourth album by Elvis Costello and The Attractions, and his third with notable for being a dramatic break in tone from Costello’s three previous albums, and for being heavily influenced by R&B, ska and soul music.

The original release of the album was on 12-inch vinyl and cassette. It was unusual for a single vinyl record to contain as many as twenty songs because it was thought that what was known in the industry as “groove cramming” would result in a loss of sound quality.

In 1989, Rolling Stone placed it at No. 11 on its list of The 100 Best Albums of the 1980s.

Original Label. LP Columbia JC 36347 1980 *****

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