Coleman, Ornette: Chappaqua Suite

Coleman, Ornette: Chappaqua Suite


Import. CBS 62 896/897. 1969. 2 Discs. Very Rare. Mint*****

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The free jazz album Chappaqua Suite was recorded and released in 1965 by alto saxophonist Ornette Coleman.

It was originally commissioned by actor/director Conrad Rooks as the soundtrack to his film Chappaqua; however, the music was not used in the released version of the film.

According to the album’s liner notes, Rooks decided upon hearing Coleman’s music that he found it was so beautiful that he feared it would overpower the imagery and action of the film. Coleman’s suite is four parts, each occupying a full record side. Tenor saxophonist Pharoah Sanders appears on the fourth part of the suite. Featuring David Izenson and Charles Moffett.

Original Label. Original Issue. Import. CBS 62 896/897. 1969. 2 Discs. Very Rare. Mint*****


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