Koffin Kats

It’s been over 16 years since Vic Victor, Tommy Koffin, & Eric Walls started The Koffin Kats in their parent’s basements and played for beer in local Detroit bars.  A psychobilly/punk band with influences ranging from “The Damned” to“The Stray Cats”, The Koffin Kats have covered a lot of ground. Eight albums later, a few member changes, and over 2,500 live shows from international tours… the founding lineup returned in 2016. After a 6 year haitus from the band tending to Family business, Tommy Koffin returned to playing Guitar with The Koffin Kats, with Vic Victor still on lead vocals and upright bass, and Eric “E-Ball” Walls still on drums.

2019 is a year of new music and international touring for these gentlemen. The Koffin Kats will be releasing a new song each month while touring throughout North America and Europe. They recorded some new tracks at their “KatBox Studio” in Livonia, Michigan, and sent them sent off to be mixed and mastered by their buddy David Medina. He does some great studio knob turning and we would like to pass along his email here for anyone interested in his services… dmedina.audio.engineering@gmail.com…

 At the end of the year they plan on taking the songs from the 2019 sessions and putting them out on vinyl. Oh, speaking of vinyl, their current LP “Party Time In The End Times” has been pressed to colored vinyl (Orange, Red, Silver and Clear). This will be a very Limited Edition and numbered run, as only 250 of each color will be available. We at eFinalVinyl.com will be posting them for sale as soon as we have them on hand. Looking like the middle of April sometime.

You can keep up with The Koffin Kats on all of the social media outlets. The band likes to keep it “old school” and suggests you check out their website at www.koffinkatsrock.com for all official information on news and tours.


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